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Nathan & Emily Spickler
Haylie, Trace, Kadence & Quaid
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Spickler Ranch
Spring Production Sale

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

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Note: All of the bulls have been genetically tested with the GGP-LD test.
The Epds listed are genomic enhanced.


Spickler Ranch is located in the rolling hills along the James River in east central North Dakota. The Spickler family has been ranching at this location since the early 1940s. We run 800+ registered Angus females. The cows run primarily on native pasture where the tall and short grass prairies meet.

Our annual Spring Production Sale is held the first Monday in May each year and our annual Fall Production Sale is held the 2nd Saturday in December. Thank you for your interest in our program and we welcome you to join us at either of these two sales!

Our brood mare band consists of foundation bred mares with the influence of Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, and Commander King. The mares are bays, duns, and red duns. Presently all of the mares were born and raised by our family, with the majority tracing to two foundation mares. Our mares are good headed, deep cinching, wide chested mares with plenty of cow sense. Our Stud, Bills Skitter Rock, is a palomino who traces to Cutter Bill 3 times and also to Doc Bar. His foals are sharp headed, kind eyed, easy moving horses with extra athleticism and cow sense.

Our desire is to provide our customers with trouble free genetics that add value to their programs. Our customers are the basis for the success that Spickler Ranch has had. They are the people that we work for day in and day out. We are very aware that for us to be successful seedstock suppliers our customers must first be successful with the product we provide. We must stand behind our cattle to the best of our ability, take care of problems that arise, offer as much marketing assistance as we are able, and most importantly constantly be aware of new genetics and the tools available to evaluate new and existing genetics that will enable our seedstock to enhance the programs that they influence. Justin and Nathan are partners in the operation. Justin and Sara and their four kids Wyatt, Will, Jessa and Watson make up half of the Spickler Ranch team. Justin works with Nathan on all day to day ranch activities and Sara is the ranch bookkeeper. Sara also performs many other activities on the ranch from checking pastures to raking and baling hay to moving cows from horseback. She also has a very important job of being a full time Mom. Justin and Sara both attended NDSU in Fargo which was where they met. Justin has a BS degree in Animal Science and Sara has a BS degree in Ag Economics with minors in Food Safety and Animal Science, as well as a degree as a LPN obtained from Lake Region in Devils Lake.


Nathan and Emily and their children Haylie, Trace, and Kadence are the other half of Spickler Ranch. Nathan works with Justin daily on all ranch duties, and Emily handles the advertising and marketing. Emily is also a vital part of daily operations from making hay to helping work cattle to checking pastures. Nathan and Emily also are both graduates from NDSU. Nathan has a BS in Animal Science with minors in Crop and Weed Science and Ag Business, while Emily has a Mass Communication major with an emphasis in public relations and minors in Animal Science and Web Design. David is actively involved, always a good source of advice on any nutrition questions we might have. He has been working as Commodity Manager for Blue Flint Ethanol, Underwood, ND.

Heidi is currently employed as a teacher in the greater Minneapolis, MN area. JoAnn is remarried to Elroy Ellingson and both are invaluable members of Spickler Ranch. They are always a good source of advice and support for their kids at the ranch. JoAnn is always caring for grandkids to help out when things get busy. Elroy can fix anything and will always drop what he is doing to help the boys.


How to embrace the culture of North Dakota – the ranch vacation

Spickler Ranch is without a doubt an enclosure full of magic, valleys and large mountains surrounded by beautiful lakes. It offers you and your amazing escorts the chance to enjoy a complete sensation of relaxation while you get to embrace the culture of North Dakota. Dare to live a whole country experience and open your senses to enjoy spectacular moments.

A real paradise far away from the bustle of the city

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Admire glorious sceneries surrounded by crystal-clear rivers and creeks. You will experience the real sensation of being connected with Mother Earth, for all your senses are awakened by such spectacular sight.

Invite your favorite lady from the Escort Directory to enjoy a refreshing adventure on one of the most extraordinary spots of North Dakota. This is the ideal place for romantic walks as both of you will be able to feel the breeze caressing your skins while you breathe that fresh air of country life and delight your ears with the sounds of nature.

Spending your vacations at the Spickler Ranch has a unique spiritual meaning. When you explore the several trails of the terrain, you get to find a peace that cannot be found in the city.

When you visit the Spickler Ranch with your stunning escorts, you get to enjoy a memorable adventure that will make you forget about your concerns while your heart is filled with peace and joy.

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The impressive valleys and monumental mountains located at Spickler Ranch make it an ideal place for hiking. There is no other aerobic activity that is more beneficial for your health than running or walking through the mountains. As your dazzling escort will explain you, these activities allow you to exercise your legs and arms rhythmically.

At a steady pace, hiking burns more than 300 calories per hour, which gives as a result a gradual and healthy weight loss.

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